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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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good afternoon to you. we are following the markets reactions here and abroad. notice brexit and whether that could trigger a global financial shock. the vote is closed. it also caused prime minister david cameron his job. cameron decided to resign after pushing for that vote to make good on the campaign promise. today he said britain's decision to leave the eu would not negatively impact establish or u.s. or other world economies aro cross the long-term. >> i would reassure those markets and investors that britain's economy is fundamentally strong. >> most ever event, there is not an donald trump angle. he praised britain's final vote.
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>> you are taking your country back. you are going to let people that you want in the country and people that you don't want to people that you don't think going to be appropriate for your or good for your country, you are not going to have to take. >> the white house issued a statement saying the people of united kingdom have spoken and we respect their decision. three reports of the economic fall out here in tust and across the globe, we start in london with nbc's kier simmons outside the house of parliament, your perspective on all of this on more unique and at most, this is your home, these are your people, what's the mood there of the united kingdom today? >> reporter: yeah, you are right, you know craig, i am going to tell you that, i felt a weight on my chest ever since we began to hear the news about the
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results of which way it is going. i think of my children and the future of the country, we don't know what the results will be and which side is right ultimately, that's the truth. anyone who is from this country and who says they are anxious and concerned of what the future holds, cannot be honest of themselves over anybody else. there are so many pausing, lets start with the most recent news. the queen says she will head to scotland to address the parliament will. that's because she's anxious of the prospect. they want to referendum for that to happen so scotland can be apart of this european union. it gives you a picture of the
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political turmoil that great britain faces going forward. the prime minister and the opposition party is not questioning the leadership of their leaders and so many lawmakers inside the house of parliament behind me here. there are so many questions here. >> we know that the break up is going to take roughly two years, what's that break up is going to look like and how messy will it be? >> reporter: we don't really know if it is going to take two years. we know that the rules say once britain tells europe officially they want to leave then there is a two-year period for that to happen. i think there will be some who'll say britain needs to be punished and some french who are already saying for what is done for british immigration, checking migrants before they
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come across to britain, that should be unravelled. there will be many saying that britain should be punished in order to hold the eu together and there will be the other including the pope and the germ m german saying britain is an important partner and washington must be making clear privately to every european government that it wants to see this. >> so many unknowns. ke k kier simmons for us. thank you. the mark is down to about 512? >> yes, 512 or about 2.8%. we are pretty close here. a lot of traders did not get much sleep and thought this was
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going to be worse. seems like we have stabilized here. for positierspective, i want tog in our guy, art, he's been here 50 years in wall street. how big of a shock is this over the years? >> it is an enormous shock. the earthquake and the problems in japan or something came out of nowhere. the betting was heavily heavily -- exactly. and they came out, 72%, a pretty big turn out and they voted to exit. that upsets market and british currencies have dropped the most in 30 years. the dollar is soaring and oil is down $2.5 and yeeields on trease funds are down and people are
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rushing to safety and trying to get to security. it broadly moved across many, many markets. >> do you think it is over now or do you think there will be moratorium oil throughout the summer? >> i think we are going to see this occur again in a variety of ways. i don't think it is a one day situation. we got to see england, how do they wish to have this divorce and what will be the term? that'll be critically important and already we are beginning to see speculations after effects and real estate prices in london and falling already and people don't think others will be coming in. we'll be looking at trading plans and where they go. we got a big brussel rebalance of one o f the major industry. >> it is a significant part of the u.s. history.
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>> that'll make things difficult. >> a lot of people are saying they are placing their bets on whether they have another country evening the eu, do you think that's going to happen? >> i think they're going to try it. we'll see how eu is handling this divorce and trying to prevent others from leaving. >> that's the big unknown hanging over everybody's head, is this the contained of just britain and what kind of instability can that provoke? thank you, and thank you art as well. >> katy tur is in scotland. donald trump spent a lot of time talking about the wonders of his golf course there and talking about how this vote can actually end up benefiting attendance there. what else did he say in. >> reporter: yes, the market is taking a down term. donald trump spent the first ten
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minutes of his press conference here at his golf courses talking about his resort and talking about the course itself and telling people how wonderful it is. when reporters were allowed to ask questions, he was confronted with brexit and he was forced to answer quite a few questions. one of them we just mentioned talking about how it is affecting the global economies and if there is any concern for him regarding that. he seems to brush it off ever so slightly and then say, a devaluation of the pound would be good for him because it will encourage over seas tourists coming here and good for his business. he spoke about how he thinks it is a good idea for the british public to get out of the eu and commended them and saying they're taking back their country. part of the reason they're doing that because donald trump seeing parallels. donald trump sees parallels of
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what happens here and what's happening here in america. take a listen. >> i really do see a parallel between what's happening in the united states and what's happening here. people want to see borders and they don't necessary want people pouring into their country or they don't know what they are or where they come from and have no idea. it won by a big margin that people thought it would happen. >> reporter: campaigning on trade and immigration and on a sense of nationalism, those are three things that we heard donald trump talking about over and over again on the campaign trail. it is something that they believe is going to resonate home and the way it resonated here. >> katy, thank you. >> hillary clinton's statement also draws a line between the british vote and november's elections here. her campaign writing, we respect the choice and the people of the united kingdom made. however, she goes onto say, this
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type of uncertain si under scores the need for calls and steady of the white house and lively hood of our friends and allies sanding up to our advisaries. moments ago vice president, biden, took a stir at donald trump without mentioning his name on his trip to ireland. >> we have seen some politicians mind minded convenience to place our fears -- place our fears rather than abraham lincoln said and divide us based on religion and ethnicity and building walls instead of bridges.
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it is been un-american what we have been seeing [ cheers ] >> vice president jacoby joe bi few minutes ago. congressman, always good to see you, thank you for your time. dan bowles in the washington. he draws this parallel between the brexit vote and the election here. >> this is what he writes in part. >> voters younger than 45 favored the "remain" campaign by nearly 3 to 1 margin and those without a degree favored the "lea "leave" campaign by a slimmer margin. do you see it parallel? >> i see some parallels certainly.
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i was disappointed at the vote in great britain. i think it is a similplest i ca response of a complicated world. i am hopeful that this vote will not only of british withdrawal or exclusion from working together and cooperating with european allies. that's essential if we are going to have stability in the fiscal market. as a result, a retreat of which undermin under mines the marketplace and politically, we need a strong alliance so that those who would threaten us from a national security standpoint or international security standpoint understands that there is still close cooperations of a number of great power in ts cooperations of a number of
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great power in t in the world t keep the world enpeacin peace. >> vice president biden says building walls and not bridges. we tried it in the past and it has not worked out well very well a well. so, i hope that american people will reject a campaign based upon fear and retrenchment from engagement of the world. there is no option but to try to create and working in a positive con ko constructive and not withdrawing from it and with as big as we are and with the big oceans between our west and east, we cannot withdraw from the global reality. we need to engage it. i am disappointed by the votes and written by a relative small margin and you pointed out those
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who were most threatened by what they see is immigration or involvement with the rest of the world with the rest of europe. it is unabderstandable and hopefully, cooler mind will prevail and we'll continue on positive legacies and not negative ones. >> lets talk about the sit in that your party held this week to try to sort some sort of legislative actions on gun control measures. >> you know speaker paul ryan said on thursday that it had one purpose which is fund raising. >> that was balogney. >> that was not true and hypocri
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hypocritical. >> both parties appealed when they had issues in the public eye and they appeal to those who support those issues and support our party. this is pursuing interest that you shared. both parties did that and ryan knows that. >> but, they did the same thing and we did that and understand that. that was not the issue. the issue was an issue of deep to the american people. we have an epidemic of gun violence in the country. the senate and the house are taking no action, none, what so ever. we have two simple bills to be put on the floor for a vote. one, if you are on the no fly list, if you are a terrorist or too dangerous fto fly, you are too dangerous to our theaters or
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nightclub or to church. they're too dangerous to have a gun. secondly, we need to have an enhanced over sight of who buys the guns. the nra says guns don't kill people. people kill people. well, if that's the case, we need to make sure the wrong people don't get guns. it is a people check and not a gun check. it is a people check. who's going to buy weapon that is can hurt people and kill a lot of people rapidly? so this was not about fund raising. paul ryan knows this. this is about principles and about a deep commitment to making our country safer and making our neighborhoods safer and making our people safer. 85 to 95% of the people agreed with our position. would you think 85 or 95% of americans want a piece of legislation on the floor to make our community better to put it on the floor. that's what we are saying and asking for and continue to do that. >> congressman, thank you for
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your time. >> thanks a lot. >> we would like to get you join our conversation as well. are you worried about the economic impact of the brexit vote, that's the question, the pulse is live. we love to hear from you. you can catch your votes right now on we'll tell you how global leaders are responding to this s seismic shift. who voted to leave. >> we are actually regretting it today and wish we had the opportunity to vote again. simply because i would do so many things differently.
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the world is watching and waiting of the global fall out of the major turmoil of the united kingdom votes to leave the european union. the remainder 27 members will happen on wednesday. the pope responded to the vote as well calling the results "the will expressed by the people." foreign ministers across the european union are weighing in what to do next. >> i think what we have to do here is business as usual. look at the real concerns of citizens and of course of our jobs and security of our nation. that it is type of answer we are looking for. >> a smaller union and it is not the right answer for each others that we have today. >> chris dickie, editor of the daily beast, he's in paris with the reactions. how is the french government
10:22 am
reacting to all of this news? >> reporter: well, obviously, this is is shaking things up and we need to change some things about the way europe works and he said some priorities. the number one priority was border security for the continental europe. it is a big issue for great britain. other issues he wants to address our fiscal conformity and creating jobs. >> what's next for the eu? >> reporter: well, we are going to through a period of panic if you want to know the truth where you are going to have the far right wing trying to exploit this and talking about france pulling out of the eu, netherlands pulling out and sweden and denmark and an a lot countries never really fully got into the eu and just like
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britain never gotten into it. the crbrew cats -- that's what that wednesday meeting is going to be all about. breaking news out of west virginia, there is been a rise in the death toll there following those devastating flash flood. the entire town, west virginia's governor just announced a news conference at 2:00. again, the death toll there is up to seven, including a least one toddler and another young child, we'll get the latest from west virginia. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited?
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virginia. the streets washed away and homes as well. this is the dramatic video that we have seen so far. a family home on fire floating down the street. the governor announced a news conference for the next half hour, the flooding is quoted "worst" among the country. at least seven people and including two young children are dead, an eight year old boy and the toddler's body who just recovered a short time ago. the toddler is the four-year-old reported missing. 500 people who are stuck in a shopping mall and this is why. an access bridge completely swept away. again, this is the scene in west virginia, we are expecting a news conference there the next
10:28 am
hour. we are keeping an eye on the west coast and president obama expect to take the stage any moment now. he's at the global summit of tech leaders at stanford university. president obama will be apart of the panel and mark zuckerberg. the president is expected to make his first comment on britain's brexit of the european union, when that happens, we'll bring it to you live here on msnbc. we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses
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10:32 am
president obama is against britain -- the white house issuing a statement saying in part, the people of the united kingdom have spoken and we respect their decision. the special relationship between the united states and the united kingdom is enduring, nato remains a vital corner stone. ron allen stations where he is outside the white house with more on the brexit fall out and the vote here. first of all, ron, do we know where president obama have spoken to prime minister cameron just yet? >> no, we don't. he will we veal threveal that i comment. president obama went to london and spoke very force fully
10:33 am
against britain using eu. it is not american's interest. the president said, you know, we are friends and friends should say what's on their mind. he and cameron has a really good working relationship. they gone out and play golf a number of times together as well. clearly, president obama will miss that when the prime minister resigns as he said he would in october. a lot of implications of what's happening in brexit down the road will happen after mr. obama will leave office in january. from the u.s. point of view of the election of donald trump or hillary clinton to be president, clearly will have a bearing on how britain is leaving the eu plays out. they have different views of
10:34 am
trades and relationship the britain. that's where this is, we'll see what the president has to say. so many britts leaving the eu and feeling left out of the global economy. ron allen at the white house on this friday afternoon, ron, thank you, sir. the fall out from that brexit pho, impacted folks here. swift of the 2016 candidate weighing in and bernie sanders is speaking live right now in alba albany, new york. earlier, sanders joined "morning joe" while he did not reveal whether he's for or against the uk exit. he did say this. >> what this vote is about the indication of the global economy, he's not working for everybody, you know. it is not working for the united
10:35 am
states for everybody and it is kno not working in the uk for everybody. people are saying political economy maybe great for some people but not for me. where does it lead the clinton campaign, lets ask kristin welker, of course, hillary clinton, she was for britain stay ing in the eu, how has the campaign responded? >> craig, the campaign's official respond had been measured. it says we respect their choice and the people of the united kingdom has made our first task to make sure economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in america. we have to make steadfast commitment to the relationship
10:36 am
with britain and alliance with europe. campaign officials held a conference call and they took direct aim at donald trump for his response to this brexit news. he came out of that press conference and said that the instability and the market could help his business when press by reporters whether or not he was talking to his foreign policy advisors, he said there is nothing to discuss. the clinton campaign is taking that as flaws. he's not fit to be president. does this moment and not under scores there is a stronger populous here in the united states and anyone anticipated. the push back is secretary clinton out talking people and making sure she's listening and dealing with their economic concerns. there is no doubt that this has been an earthquake not only abroad but here in the u.s. as well. it is going to impact the 2016 campaign. >> we'll talk about that the last point right now, nbc's
10:37 am
kristin welker and former democratic national committee chairman and senator flores for the carly fiorina and for the president campaign. she has also and this is important of this conversation, you worked in the house of common in 2002. is donald trump right? is this something that should be given democrats in this country pause? >> well, i think he's right in part. this is an indication that there is anger throughout the world of in coming equality and the about the way the economic system has been run. that's correct. i think he's right about the fact that he's in the best position to capitalize that. hillary clinton is and bernie sanders supporting hillary clinton in the fall and harenne some of that anger and making sure that will support someone wanting to do about income in
10:38 am
equality. >> has the anger been under estimated and are we not getting a good read on precisely how angry people are, all over the world and not just in britain but here in this country. and if france we heard from one of the correspondence earlier. >> well, i think it is tough to make a straight analogy between the uk and america. on the other hand, it feels like new york city woke up and found out that iowa still existed. i think that in fact, to disagree with the governor slightly, i think this was about unelected bureaucrats making decisions for you know people in leaves. i think that's a similar problem of what's happening here in a lot of parts of the country of large mandates from dc that don't have accountabilities and communities and don't make a lot of sense to folks who are living day-to-day, that breathes anger
10:39 am
and resentment for dc just as we saw as it did for europe. >> it is important to note that the population in the united kingdom is homogenous. >> i want to play something that donald trump said over seas today. this is donald trump talking about president obama and he's in scotland on a business trip. take a listen. >> i was surprised that president obama would come over here and he would have been so bold to tell the people over here what to do. i think that a lot of people don't like him and a lot of people voted, if he had not said it, i think your results might have been different. >> sarah, was that trump out of bound talking about our president on foreign soil that way? >> i don't think so at all. i think that -- i don't agree on donald trump on a lot of things but on this he's close to spot
10:40 am
on. the president waited on the people of uk's vote to not be apart of this again and large unaccountable huge government bureaucracy z ththat he had no over. he does not know what's going on and made a strategic stumble. governor? >> i think it is ludicrous to suggest anyone in the united kingdom voted for or against the remaining the eu based on what president obama said. that was not the case. it is interesting if you look at some of the outlined areas of northern ireland and scotland, they voted solemnly to remain in the eu, that comes again to the point that the lady was making because those are sort of the out liers and they voted to stay in strongly. >> do you think perhaps that was
10:41 am
a mistake for president obama to become an advocate to travel there and stole the virtues of the remaining part of the european union? >> i think he did it because he believed in it. i am not sure if any politicians from one country should advise voters in another country about anything. i think he did it because he believed it and it was good for the world's economy and good for the people of the united kingdom. he was trying to help out one of our strongest allies. say what you will but prime minister cameron has been a terrific allie in the united states and going back to the bush administration and the obama administration. >> sarah, thank you for your time and governor. >> sarah, were you surprised? >> you know -- towards the end i was not surprise. i stayed up really late last night and watched it come in. i think it is a fantastic move for them and i wish them the best of luck and the last thing i will say is i do think it
10:42 am
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing a live look here on the global entrepreneurial summit with president obama, he will be addressing there. it is the first since the president has spoken since the uk leaving european union. when it happens, we'll go there
10:46 am
live. the u.s. stock market is still stocked to the reaction of the news today. right now, you can see the mark is down almost 3%. we are less than three hours away from the closing bell. look at the board right there. here is a look at where they stand, s&p and dow and all of the arrows pointing down. n we are still waiting for fresh reaction when the president starts. i have to apologize in advance. this will have a quote corrosive effect that'll not go away. how will this affect the bottom line for american businesses. >> well, american business is very much in wait and see mode here in silicon valley and not many of tech companies are commenting right now. we reached out to apple and
10:47 am
twitter and facebook and what they're saying is nothing because they want to know like many other companies what the end results will be. i did talk to a financial tech company in london transfer wise, the ceo says they are rereceivirereceivserving the right to move their head quarters out of london. this will have be an adverse impact on the company. as for american businesses, for short term certainly, it will be a little cheaper to do business over seas. maybe good for a merging markets so businesses that are importing things into the united states will have a little cheaper bill. but, it is certainly drives a lot of volatility and a beg is now saying that in asia, they may see widespread contajent. >> joeleen kent, you went away
10:48 am
for a few years, it is good to see you back. >> thank you, craig. >> here is today's the verge. on wednesday, the senate missed 60 votes. the measure will allow the fbi to collect suspects and records. it will permanently extend the patriotic act allowing surveillance suspect to not connect. mitchell mechancconnell were ab bring the vote back. that's the update, check the verge. you need ans wed brap wed to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered . . check us out today to see
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lay we continue to await president obama, expected to speak moments from now at stanford university. these will be his first remarks since the united kingdom voted to leave the eu.
10:52 am
we'll have it live when it happens. president obama appearing with mark zuckerberg any moment now. >> for those who may be anxious whether home or abroad, this does not mean the united kingdom will be in any way less united. nor indeed does it mean it will be any less european. >> that's boris johnson, a member of the britain's parliament, who pushed for the brexit vote and those many expect to be the next foreign minister and many wonder how it will affect fighting the rise in terrorism and other angles. short term or long term, what does the vote mean for our counter intelligence efforts with regards to the fight against terrorism? >> in the short term, not much.
10:53 am
it will take about two years to play itself out. in those two years we will learn more about those counter-terrorism efforts going forward. the way things stand and counter-terrorism efforts and police training, a lot are taking place on a european level and they have red alerts to keep people from traveling country to country. all of that has been run by the european union the uk has bought into. when this divorce becomes final in two years, they won't have the access to those agencies and the type of intelligence resources they have now and no doubt it is possible but there are serious issues whether they will be able to cooperate on the same level they have been over the past couple years. that will be a challenge going forward. the other security pillar is nato. that was been the corner stone of u.s. policy in european
10:54 am
vis-a-vis russia and other issues. that will be somewhat afraid. without the united kingdom and strong european alliance working something you can see countries like russia try to exploit that. the uk has been a big proponent of sanctions against russia. without the uk, they may not be as strong on russia as the united states wants them. >> we know russia's vladimir putin called for britts to vote to leave the european union. what does this mean for germany now the solid super power inside the european union? >> this will have a ripple effect by two, germany is in some ways t s ths the strongest financial and most solid inside the european union and means it has to burden more of the costs of the european union. keep in mind the european budget was essentially paid for by
10:55 am
germany, france and the united kingdom. without the united kingdom they're not paying into that pot and means more of the eu budget has to be divided upon most of those countries and in this case germany has to pick up a little more of that share. it also gives germany the opportunity to exert its influence on the european union and give germany much more power in say and doing what it wants. in some ways, you're talking about russia, some russian politicians saying this is good for europe and break europe away from being in the close access of in their words anglo-saxon, which means the united kingdom and the u.s. they see this as opportunity for europe led by germany to break away from what the united states and united kingdom want inside europe. >> back to stamford, connecticut -- stanford university, not connecticut, president obama appearing with
10:56 am
mark zuckerberg, just being introduced there. this will be the first time we've heard from the president since the vote to leave the united kingdom. let's listen in for a bit. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. everybody have a seat. thank you so much. thank you. thank you so much. that is a good looking group. thank you. first of all, let me thank the president for the introduction and the entire stanford family for letting us take over the campus a few days. as some of you know, john is stepping down after 16 years as president of stanford. fortunately for me, i cannot do
10:57 am
that, to just stick around lo longer than my term limit. john, i'm sure there's some people who want you to stick around longer but i'm confident you will do extraordinary things. we could not be prowrd uder of hennessey and stanford and all the work they have done. please give him a big round of applause. it's summer break. so all of you know, stanford is not always this quiet. this school is unique. folks ride on bicycle s everywhere and athletes are also computer engineers. this is the place that made nerd cool. so -- [ applause ] >> so we are thrilled to be here. i know i am not the first
10:58 am
speaker that you've heard from but many of you have traveled here from a long ways. we've got more than 170 countries from every region in the world represented. some of you, this is the first time you are visiting our country. let me just say on behalf of the american people not only welcome to our global entrepreneurship summit but welcome to the united states of america. we're glad to have you. [ applause ] >> i am not going to give a long speech because what i really want to do is have a conversation with some outstanding young people who are part of our panel we will introduce in a moment. i do want to begin by offering some opening thoughts about the time in which we gather here today. i'm going to start with the british people's decision to leave the european union the vote that took place yesterday.
10:59 am
just a few hours ago i spoke with prime minister david cameron. david has been an outstanding friend and partner on the global stage and based on our conversation i'm confident the uk is committed to an orderingly transition out of the eu. we agreed our economic and financial teams will remain in close contact as we stay focused on insuring economic growth and financial stability. i then spoke to chancellor merkel of germany and agreed the united states and our european allies will work closely together in the weeks and months ahead. i do think that yesterday's vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalization. but while the uk's relationship with the eu will change, one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. that will endure. the eu will remain one of our indispensable partners. our nato alliance will remain a
11:00 am
cornerstone of global security and in a few weeks we'll be meeting in warsaw for the nato summit and shared values including our commitment to democracy and pleuralism and opportunity for all people in a globalized world. that will continue to unite all of us. and that is the work that brings us here today. the world has returning. it is interconnected. all of you represent that interconnection. many of you are catalyzing it and accelerating it. it promises to bring extraordinary benefits but it also has challenges and it also evokes concerns and fears. so part of why this global entrepreneurship summit has been so close to my heart, something that i've been so committed to is because i believe all of you represent all


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